Humanetic Consulting

Bottomline Results Through People

Our Testimonials

"Steve has played a key role in helping us upgrade our succession planning and leadership development processes. He's made important contributions to the 'people' aspect of our corporate growth strategy, and also has become a trusted and valued resource for our business units."
William R. Floyd, Chairman and CEO Beverly Enterprises, Inc.
"Humanetic made a tremendous impact in the performance of our leadership team. I was impressed with their assessments, individual action plans and personal coaching over the year we worked together. What differentiated them from other consulting groups was how well they blended in and became part of our team. They learned our business and corporate culture, and we never felt like just another client."
Bob Andrews, Jamba Juice Company
"I put a great deal of faith in Humanetic's ability to put together a quality program and they delivered. The program content was right on target and was executed very professionally."
Martin D. Feinstein, Farmer's Insurance
"Humanetic greatly exceeded our wildest expectations. In today's harried marketplace, with literally thousands of consultants to choose from, it is rare to find the unique mix of financial, human resources and operational expertise that Humanetic brings to the table. Humanetic has enabled our supervisors to play a more active role in improving the performance of their employees and everyone else they work with."
Marie Gambon, Celestial Seasonings
"I engaged Humanetic to facilitate a team building and strategic planning process for a struggling new combined department. Through Humanetic's process we developed a solid set of guiding principles, established open dialogs, created consistency and alignment, and built trust. This was a five-month journey which really made a difference."
Reba C. Rogers, Orion Insurance
"A million thanks to you for helping make Team USA Camp a success!"
Leslie Gamez, Director, US Olympic Figure Skating Team
"The two days spent with Humanetic will pay great dividends for Taco Bell. As I reflect on what we accomplished, it is clear to me that Garrett Creek Ranch will go down in history as the birthplace of our team."
Gary Naife, Taco Bell Corporation
"I would characterize Humanetic as creative and very flexible in designing programs, while sufficiently focused on the detail to ensure smooth execution of the program. They blend in with our people and do not take center stage unless they have to. We intend to continue to use Humanetic's services. That is my most tangible form of recommendation."
Gary Kalkstein, The Boston Consulting Group

What We Deliver


Our role is to provide significant bottom-line return on client investment. Simply put, that’s why we’re here.


We merely provide the framework for you and your employees to experience success. We feel it is critical that our clients have ownership in the process and solutions.


We offer clients a wealth of business knowledge, but we also realize that to be most beneficial, we have to learn what your organization is all about.


Our experience has proven that optimal performance, as well as optimal value, is best achieved by looking at all facets of an organization.


We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach. Each client’s specific needs are taken into account before we go to work. Then we tailor specific consulting and training solutions for the job.


Partnership with Humanetic yields sustaining, measurable improvements in performance.